Things every traveler should know about Cuba


In Bed and Breakfast in Cuba we will like to talk about things every traveler should know about Cuba. We resume a basic travel guide; you should read this before start planning your travel to this beautiful island.

Basic information about Cuba

If you plan to travel to Cuba you will need your passport, visa and tourist card. So, our recommendation is that you start planning ahead. Also, it´s necessary to have the typhoid vaccine.
The language spoken in Cuba is Spanish, if you are really a traveler and not a common tourist, you should learn some Spanish words and phrases. This is basic in order to communicate to the locals and to live a better experience.
The currency is Cuban Peso, but you will able to change your dollars or euros there, in the authorize exchanges stores.

Things every traveler should know about Cuba

Basics about food

Cuba is an excellent place for food lovers, there are some food you should try, like these cuban dishes: ropa vieja, Cuban sandwich, oxtail stew, roast park, tres leches cake, and many others. Try also drinks like cuban coffee and Cuba libre.
The rules about tipping change from one country to another. So here we bring you some advises, for wait service and bartenders/drinks the amount should be 10 % of the check, also for taxi drivers. If you like your tour guide, 5 pesos is an excellent tip. For the porters and bag carriers 1 peso it´s advisable as a good tip.
In restaurant you should check the bill to see if they added a service charge, if they did so, you should not give any more tip.

Manners in Cuba

In Cuba people shake hands when meeting someone for the first time. It´s common that people hug and kiss but when they are friends or family.
People in Cuba stay close while talking to each other, and they touch often. This is a common manner in Latin America, people is warm.
You will see some curious things, stuff that calls your attention, and will like to take pictures of this things and people. But it´s advisable to ask permission first, and then giving them a small tip. You could be a very friendly tourist doing this.
In the market it is expected that people haggle or negotiate the prices, even with the vendors on the streets this is ok. No one will see this as a wrong thing. As a traveler you should live this experience.

Manners at the table

When in the table, there are local manners to follow. It´s advisable to keep your knife in your right hand and the fork in the left. Never switch. You should keep your hands above the table when you are not using your utensils. And after you finish eating lay your fork and knife across the right side of the plate.

These are some things every traveler should know about Cuba, it´s advaisable to read about the country your are vistintg, know their manners and basic information. What else do you think people should know about Cuba before getting there?